Customer Relationship Management

Increase profitability through customer loyalty - To work effectively and stay ahead of your competitors by improving customer relationships by organizing and automate communications and activities across all departments including sales, marketing and customer service. 

Your Journey Starts here

There are two options for using M35CloudCRM: On-Premise — CRM software is installed on your server; CRM in the Cloud — CRM service where your data is stored in the cloud

On-site option
  • CRM database is stored locally
  • CRM software runs on your own hardware.
  • No database size limitations

  • Self Hosted 

Cloud Option
  • No hardware required
  • No CRM software installation or maintenance needed
  • Switch to On-Premise at any time
  • Full set of features




  • Sales Automation
  • Calendar
  • eMails
  • Social
  • Customer Support
  • VIOP Telephony
  • Customization
  • Full sales force automation to automate the business tasks of sales, including order processing, contact management, information sharing, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation.

  • Fully integrated calendar allowing for Meeting, Calls, Tasks, Sending invitations to attendees. Allowing for full Google Calenadar integrtion and shared calendars between users. Full integration wit Customer and contact records.

  • Full service email accounts allowing for automatic archiving for personal as well as group IMAP accounts with automatic links to corresponding records. Outbound emails, fully customizable email templates, email folders, Custom Signitures and Mass mail with multiple mail addrresses per customer and contact record.

  • Activity Stream allowig for feeds where changes and new additions of followed records are shown. Follow functionality allowing for particular record following. Records created or those that got assigned to the user are followed automatically.

  • Customer support at the next level allowing for Cases to be created against customers. Allowing for Email to Case automation and document attachments stand alone and folder based. With a fully functional knowledge base and custom customer portal for your customers.

  • VOIP integration using the VOIP integration extention allowing for phone calls from the application. The system allows allows for multiple numbers per record with different types of phone numbers..

  • We provide a wide range of customization on the CRM package. The system allows for basic customization and M35DesignLabs provides a wide range of customization from Analytics, Marketing administration and workflows to name a few.